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we buy Sacramento, California houses

We Buy Houses in Sacramento, CA

We buy Properties in any condition and any situation. No realtors, no fees, no commissions, no repairs & no cleaning!

In California, we buy houses in any condition for cash! All of our proposals are based on current market prices and the amount of work needed on the house. Whatever happens, you’ll get a fair and competitive offer! We always address your problem with honesty; fast cash for your Sacramento home with no hassle!

There are no realtor fees, commissions, closing costs, or repairs to worry about.

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If you are a homeowner in Sacramento, read on to learn how to sell your Properties for 100% cash:

  • To begin, familiarize yourself with the steps involved in acquiring a home.
  • Then go to our frequently asked questions page or Contact Us with any/all of your problems or questions.
  • Finally, get to know us and see whether we’re a good fit for your company. We believe you will find us to be trustworthy, fair, and well-informed.

TODAY IS THE DAY TO RECEIVE YOUR FREE CASH OFFER! We purchase homes in any condition or circumstance. There will be no real estate agents, fees, repairs, or cleaning. Calculate the Value of Your Home! Now is the time to get a fair offer! 

Is a “Cash for Properties” Investor Right For Me?

Having a home that you wish to sell can only add to your anxiety. Taxes, repairs, and other annoyances may pile up quickly; this is not a desirable way of life. We will buy your house in Sacramento, California, quickly so you may be free. We’ve helped homeowners all around the United States who wanted a rapid fix for a broken-down residence. The following are some of the most prevalent instances in which we can assist:

  • Divorce
  • Foreclosure – Selling your home before foreclosure is preferable to waiting and preserving your credit score.
  • Inheritance – Quick cash to distribute with all heirs
  • Lines: Tax liens are very prevalent.
  • Repairs: Is the house in need of repairs?
  • Moving: Are you relocating and need to sell your home quickly?

Find Out How Our House Purchasing Process Works.

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I was EXTREMELY amazed with the speed at which I got my cash! California Houses for Cash was very honest, direct and fair. The team kept me updated throughout the process and I received my cash FAST. My house had a cracked foundation and nightmare tenants and Realtors wanted a long-term plan to get top dollar. I just wanted to sell now. California Houses for Cash was ideal for my situation.”

Mike C. Sacramento, CA

I was looking to sell my Sacramento real estate fast. I wanted the cash to purchase some machinery for my farm and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of an awesome deal on it. I decided to sell the house for cash to reinvest into the farm. California Houses for Cash was professional and did exactly what they said they would.”

Sarah C. Sacramento, CA

We Buy Houses In Sacramento, CA With Cash

At California Houses for Cash, we specialize in doing just that. There are no headaches, no gimmicks, and no commissions. We purchase properties all around the United States. We can offer you better deals because we don’t have to pay for expensive bank loans or realtor fees and commissions.

About California Houses for Cash

Patriot Cash Offer owns and operates California Houses for Cash. In California, we are a leading cash real estate buying team. Every homeowner is treated with care and respect. We have offices in California and are a preferred real estate investor with a thorough understanding of the state’s culture and diversity. We’re always ready to help people sell their homes swiftly and painlessly. We buy run-down houses and renovate them to their original state. Our proposals to homeowners are based on the condition of the property and the amount of work that needs to be done.

Our Ratings Don’t Lie!

We have 5-star reviews in all of California!Top property purchasing company in California

About Sacramento, California

Sacramento is the capital city of California. It is located at the confluence of the Sacramento and American rivers in northern California’s Sacramento Valley.  In 2020, Sacramento’s population makes it the 9th largest capital in the United States and the 6th largest city in California.

The population of Sacramento is 524,943. The area of Sacramento is 99.77 square miles which means 258.41 km2. The land area of Sacramento is 97.68 square miles which means 253 km2. The water area of Sacramento is 2.09 square miles which means 5.41 km2.

Why Invest in Real Estate in Sacramento?

Sacramento is the largest city in California. With 495,234 inhabitants, the city’s population continues to grow. In 2017, the population growth rate was 1.42%, significantly higher than the national average of 0.7%. The climate, economic growth, excellent access to health care and education, and improved public transport are attracting many people to settle in the city of trees.

Sacramento’s economy supports key industries such as education, clean technology, agriculture, and healthcare. These sectors are well established and growing steadily, generating income, jobs, visibility, and new ideas. California State University, Sacramento City College, American River College, and the University of Sacramento are places that attract future professionals. Therefore, Sacramento is an attractive location for real estate investors looking for a growing and profitable market and appreciating income-generating properties.

Sacramento Real Estate Investment Considerations

There are several factors to consider.

Affordable Entry Prices for Homes

In terms of home affordability, the City of Trees is a good choice for real estate investors. . Entry prices for homes start at around $ 345,000 and the median home price is $ 400,060.

Neighborhoods with pocket house entry prices, high cash income on cash returns, and rental income include:

Land Park with (rental income: $ 1,532, Cash on Cash returns: 1.26%),

Upper Land Park (rental income: $ 1,533, Cash on Cash returns: 0.95%), and Elmhurst (rental income: $ 1,552, Cash on Cash returns: 0.87%).

Strong Appreciation

Another advantage for real estate investors in Sacramento is the strong appreciation, above the national average. With the affordable entry price of homes, high appreciation, and rising rental prices, investors can enjoy positive cash flow and good profits.

Growing Labor Market

In the growing labor market, the health, education, cleantech, and agriculture sectors are very stable. The unemployment rate in Sacramento is steadily declining. The labor market is booming; as a result, the city benefits from an influx of new jobs.

Sutter Health, Intel Corp, Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, and Relay’s Inc. are some of Sacramento’s largest employers and offer plenty of job opportunities in the area. The strong economy and an ever-growing job market mean strong rental demand for real estate investors.

The Growth Rate Over the Past 3 Years:

Sacramento’s vacancy rates have fallen to 3.72% (below the national average of 5.89%) as the demand for rental housing in the city has increased. This led to an increase in average gross rent prices of 8.72% in the past 3 years, which is above the national average of 7.80%.

Traditional Rental Income

Traditional rental income in Sacramento is $ 1,385 with a cash return of $ 0.95. This translates into substantial increases in profits for real estate investors. Strong Buyer and Stable Business With its proximity to the Bay Area, more and more future homeowners are choosing to buy homes in Sacramento because of its affordable prices compared to San Francisco. As a result, the real estate industry has seen strong demand in recent years. That’s makes a stable investment market for real estate investors.

What Are the Best Areas to Invest in Sacramento?

Land Park, Upper Land Park, and Elmhurst are some of the best areas in Sacramento for real estate investors. The median price of the Land Park property is $ 489,000, the median price of the Upper Land Park property is $ 443,700, and the median price of the Elmhurst property is $ 558,000.

These areas have the highest yield and maximum Cash on Cash rates in the city, making them a good choice for investors. Sacramento is a rapidly growing city with a thriving real estate market. A steadily growing economy, jobs, and leisure activities provide many opportunities for Sacramento real estate investors to own single-family homes.

Best Sacramento Neighborhoods for Traditional Rentals


The median property price in Northgate is $346,950. The price per square foot is $331. The monthly traditional rental income is $1,720, and the average traditional cash on cash return is 5.22%. The traditional cash on cash return is high in this area which is why it is the best area for real estate investment.


The median property price in Robla is $335,000. The price per square foot is $292. The monthly traditional rental income is $1,437, and the average traditional cash on cash return is 3.99%.

Del Paso Park

The median property price in Del Paso Park is $419,000. The price per square foot is $299. The monthly traditional rental income is $1,456, and the average traditional cash on cash return is 3.20%.

Campus Commons

The median property price in campus commons is $367,500. The price per square foot is $264. The monthly traditional rental income is $1,484, and the average traditional cash on cash return is 3.13%.

Valley High-North Laguna

The median property price in Valley High-North Laguna is $350,000. The price per square foot is $254. The monthly traditional rental income is $1,010, and the average traditional cash on cash return is 2.34%.

Best Neighborhoods in Sacramento for Airbnb rentals

We already know that an airbnb strategy is better than traditional rentals in the Sacramento real estate market.

Valley High-North Laguna

The median property price in Valley High-North Laguna is $350,000. The price per square foot is $254. The monthly airbnb rental income is $3,745. The airbnb cash on cash return is 10.00%, and the average airbnb occupancy rate is 64%.

Natomas Crossing

The median property price in Natomas is crossing $320,000. The price per square foot is $194. The monthly airbnb rental income is $3,824. The airbnb cash on cash return is 9.72%, and the average airbnb occupancy rate is 78%.

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