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We Buy Houses in San Francisco, CA

We buy Houses in any condition. No agents, no commissions, no repairs & no cleaning!

We purchase houses in California in any condition and we pay cash! Our offers are always based on local market prices and work required of the home. You will receive a fair and competitive offer no matter what! It’s simple and honest; fast cash for your San Francisco house with absolutely zero hassle! No Agent fees, No commissions, No closing costs, No repairs!

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If you are a homeowner in San Francisco, discover how to sell your Houses for 100% cash:

Get Your Free Offer NOW! We purchase Houses in any condition and any situation. No agents, no fees, no repairs, no cleaning. Find Out How Much We Can Offer For Your Property In 100% Cash! Get a top offer now!

Will a “Cash for Houses” Investor work?

Owning a property you want to sell will only frustration. Taxes, repairs and other headaches can be daunting. This is not a good to live. If your Property in San Francisco, California is holding your financial future back, we will buy it quickly so you can be free. We have assisted homeowners all over California who needed a quick resolution to a problem house. Here are some common situations we help with:

  • Getting divorced
  • Foreclosure – Sell your hose in pre-foreclosure is more ideal than waiting & protect your credit.
  • Inheritance – {Get fast cash to split with all heirs|Split the proceeds with all heirs.
  • Liens – overwhelmed with debt?
  • Repairs – Does the home have deferred maintenance?
  • Relocating – Do you need to sell quickly for work relocation?

Find Out How Our Property Buying Process Works.

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I was EXTREMELY amazed with the speed at which I got the cash! California Houses for Cash was very honest, direct and fair. The team kept me updated throughout the process and I received my cash QUICKLY. My house had a cracked foundation and nightmare tenants and Realtors wanted a long-term plan to get top dollar. I just wanted to sell now. California Houses for Cash was ideal for my situation.”

Sebastian B. San Francisco, CA

I was looking to sell my San Francisco home fast. I wanted the cash to purchase some machinery for my farm and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of an awesome deal on it. I decided to sell the house for cash to reinvest into the farm. California Houses for Cash was professional and did exactly what they said they would.”

Sam B. San Francisco, CA

We Buy Houses In San Francisco, CA With Cash

This is what we offer at California Houses for Cash. No stress, no tricks, no hidden fees. We purchase houses all over America. We are capable of giving you higher offers because we eliminate costly bank loans and realtor fees and commissions.

About California Houses for Cash

California Houses for Cash is a wholly owned subsidiary of Patriot Cash Offer. We are a top cash house buying team in California. We approach every homeowner with respect and compassion. We have offices in California and are a preferred house purchasing company, with knowledge of California and a love for the culture and diversity that living here provides. We are always available to assist homeowners to sell their houses quickly and smoothly. We are always buying distressed houses and then rehab them to move-in ready condition. Our offers are made to homeowners based on perfect condition and repairs needed. We strive to provide homeowners with the highest possible offer while also providing the homeowner with the benefits of a fast cash sale.

Our Ratings Don’t Lie!

We have 5-star reviews in all of California!Top house purchasing company in California

About San Francisco, California

Officially the city and county of San Francisco is a cultural, commercial, and financial center of the State of California, located in northern California. San Francisco is the seventeenth most populated city in the United States and the fourth most populated city in California, with 873,965 residents in 2020.

It covers an area of ​​approximately 46.9 square miles or 121 square kilometers, mainly at the northern end of the San Francisco Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area, making it the second-most densely populated large city and the fifth most densely populated county in the United States, behind just four of New York City’s five boroughs.

San Francisco is the 12th largest metropolitan statistical area in the United States with 4.7 million people and the fourth in terms of economic output, with a GDP of $ 592 billion in 2019. Along with San Jose, California, it forms the combined statistical area.

Of San Jose – San Francisco – Oakland, CA, the fifth most populous combined statistical area in the United States, with 9.6 million people in 2019. Familiar San Francisco nicknames include SF, San Fran, The City, and Frisco.

History of San Francisco

Many new large buildings were constructed at the beginning of the 20th century. The Hallidie building was erected in 1917. The Church of Saints Peter and Paul was built in 1924. The Coit Tower was built in 1933.

Work on the Golden Gate Bridge began in 1934 and was inaugurated on May 27, 1937. (Tragically shortly before 11 construction workers were killed during the opening). In May 1934, the San Francisco longshoremen went on strike. On July 5, 1934, known as Bloody Thursday, that was due to the fight between the police and the strikers.

Two of the forwards, Nick Bordoise and Howard Sperry were killed. A military prison was built on Alcatraz Island in 1912.

In 1934, it was transformed into a civilian prison for “incorrigible” prisoners. Alcatraz prison was closed in 1963. In November 1969, Native Americans occupied the island in protest. They left in 1971. Alcatraz is now a popular tourist destination.

In the 1950s, San Francisco was known for its beatniks. In the 1960s he was known for the hippies.

In October 1989, an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale struck San Francisco and left nine people dead. Then, in 1992, a fire swept through the Oakland Hills and destroyed 3,000 homes. However, today San Francisco is a prosperous city. It is also a multicultural city. Among its peoples are Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos. In 2017, San Francisco’s population was 884,000.

San Francisco Economy

According to Rob Wilson, San Francisco is a global city. In 2000, the population of the city reached new highs, surpassing the previous record set in 1950. When the bubble burst in 2001, many of these businesses closed and their employees were laid off. Yet high tech and entrepreneurship remain the pillars of San Francisco’s economy.

By the mid-2000s (decade) the social media boom had started, with San Francisco becoming a popular location for technical offices and common living space for people employed in Silicon Valley companies like Apple and Google. Post Office Building, Armor and Co. Building, Atherton House, and YMCA Hotel are historic buildings among dozens of the city’s historic landmarks as listed in San Francisco.

Investment in San Francisco

Over the past decades, the San Francisco Bay Area has experienced impressive economic growth. The impact of the region’s tech boom is evident in many areas, and the city’s urban sprawl doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

In particular, one sector that has been strongly affected by this growth is the San Francisco real estate market. In recent years, prices have increased and demand seems insatiable.

Here are some investment data relating to the San Francisco real estate market. The average Property Price is $ 1,566,399. The price per Square Foot is $ 998. Price / Rent ratio is 30, and Rental Income is $ 4,376. Cap Rate / Cash Return is 1.1% As in any multi-faceted industry.

Investment Consideration in San Francisco

Economic Growth

San Francisco has strong economic growth. The growth rate of San Francisco GDP is 29%. The unemployment rate is low in San Francisco.

Good economic health has a positive effect on the real estate market. The growing economy, low unemployment rate, and high median salary are the typical symbols of an ideal state for investment.

Population Changes

The population of a city is inexorably linked to its economic health. In the case of San Francisco, the tech industry continues to attract people looking for better job prospects. Additionally, this influx is expected to continue in tandem with the region’s ever-expanding tech sector; more importantly, this growth is expected to support strong demand for rental properties in San Francisco. It is also worth noting that despite reports of Bay residents fleeing the area in droves, the real numbers tell a different story. The population of San Francisco has indeed grown at a rate of 9.52% since 2010. This rate is significantly higher than the national average of 5.96%.

High Appreciation Rate

The Bay Area has one of the highest appreciation rates in the California real estate market. The latest Neighborhood Scout data shows the rate to be just under 10%. This places the San Francisco real estate market in the high end of the appreciation markets in the United States. The good news is that all of the variables that contribute to this appreciation continue to grow. As a result, the rate is expected to fluctuate around the current level for the foreseeable future – another reason to consider.

High Rental Income

This factor is quite simple. One of the main reasons to consider investing in the San Francisco real estate market is the high-profit potential it offers to investors. The median rental income for traditional San Francisco investment properties is around $ 4,376, which is well above the national average. Also, keep in mind that this figure is a citywide average. Investment properties located in the best areas of San Francisco can generate higher rental income.

San Francisco Property Market

In 2021, the property prices were up 1.6% as compared to last year. The houses were sold at an average price of 1.5 million. The houses were sold in 22 days as compared to 27 days last year. 602 houses were sold in August this year that was more than last year.

Best Neighborhood To Invest in San Francisco

There are four top neighborhoods in San Francisco for real estate investment.

South Of Market

The average property price in the south of the market is $881,095. The price per square foot is $870. The cost to rent ratio is 15. The rental income is $4,821, the cap rate/cash on cash return is 6.3%.

Inner Sunset

The average property price in Inner sunset is $1,745,833. The price per square foot is $808. The cost to rent ratio is 32. The rental income is $4,593, the cap rate/cash on cash return is 1.1%.

Porters’ Hill

The average property price in Porters Hill is $1,198,250. The price per square foot is $863. The price to rent ratio is 22. The rental income is $4,477 and the cap rate/cash on cash return is 1.8%.

South Beach

The average property price in south beach is $1,946,333. The price per square foot is $1,717. The price to rent ratio is 32. The rental income is $5,043 and the cap rate/cash on cash return is 2.72 %.



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