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Why is Selling a House so Stressful?

Stress selling house

Have you recently had an extremely stressful experience selling a house? Although it is too late for some of us, it is not too late if you are currently considering selling your home.

Here is what you should do.

The Pain of Selling

Even when the economy is powering along, it is still stressful to sell a house.

Normally you call in several Real Estate Agents; they each give you an appraisal of what they think the house is worth. They then name their commissions and fees, and you decide which agent to use.

You then sign with the agent and start the process of getting your house market-ready. This can involve spending a lot of money, painting, carpet, getting rid of accumulated stuff, and generally having your house look perfect.

Then the horror of the open houses starts. This will drag on for weeks. After that, you have to deal with buyers that fail to perform because their lender always has issues.

You may have seen houses in your neighborhood go ‘pending’ over and over before finally going ‘sold.’ 

We buy California Houses for Cash.

If you live in California, there is an alternative — We Buy California Houses for Cash is a very attractive option.

If you decide to sell to investors, you have to pick up the phone. There are no repairs required and no cleaning. 

People sell for many different reasons. You and your partner may be divorcing, or the property could be a deceased estate. Another scenario is that you may have a bad tenant who misses rental payments and causes your family a lot of grief. There could be a lien on the property.

None of these are issues if you want to sell your house fast and for cash.

When a couple is divorcing and is living in two different households, money is hard to come by. If you traditionally sell your house, it will certainly take around four months to complete the transaction.

You have nothing to lose by consulting ‘We Buy California Houses for Cash’ and seeing what they are willing to pay.

You might find that the transaction can be completed quite quickly. To move on with your life in this situation is often more important than anything.

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Following the death of a beloved parent, getting the deceased estate’ market ready’ is often more than the bereaved can cope with. Many older people cannot do much maintenance and accumulate a lot of junk. If you lead a busy life, you will not have time to cope with this crisis.

If you are posted overseas for a new job, you may not want to rent your house out. It is too risky to have a stranger there. Put your furniture into storage and call. We buy California Houses for Cash. Selling means that you will be cashed out and can invest the money; when you return from working away, you will have greater options of where to live.

It is upsetting if you have the misfortune of an inconsistent tenant (this is not common as most tenants are excellent). The sort that misses payments regularly and always has a hard-luck story, which you are forced to listen to on countless occasions. Well, this can’t go on. No more Mr. Nice Guy, the tenant has to go, and the best thing to do is sell the house from under him.

That’s where We Buy California Houses for Cash comes in.

Tell the tenant you are selling and get the company in. Once they buy the house, the tenant will become their problem, and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Once you Decide to Sell

When you decide to sell, it is a terrific weight off your mind, and you do not want to go through an agent who may or may not deliver. This is where We Buy California Houses for Cash is such a bonus for you.

You do not have to spend weeks making the house and grounds look beautiful to market it.

All you do is ring them up and get them over, and they will come up with a price and make you an offer. It’s more convenient than dealing with the agent and going through the very long settlement process.

City or Country

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the city or out in the rural areas; you can still have an appraisal of your property.

Living in a beautiful state with a climate like California is everyone’s dream. Avoid the real pain of selling by calling We Buy California Houses for Cash.

Sounds to me like the perfect solution.


Whatever happens in the housing market, it is comforting to know that a company like We Buy California Houses for Cash will buy your house as-is. This option is not available everywhere.

After going through the pain of selling, getting everything in the house perfect, endless cleaning and gardening, having dozens of people strolling through the house for four months, selling for cash can be a great option in dire times. 


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