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Who sells house fastest ?

It takes about 68 days on average to sell a house. However, the duration can extend to several months depending on the house location, its current condition, and market forces. If you do not live in a highly desirable neighborhood, it may take longer to close the sale. In the event of overbearing economic conditions such as a recession, it may take even longer because the demand for homes is generally low. Homeowners are forced to even reduce the price of the property to sell it faster.


Most homeowners sell their homes to fund emergencies. They want to sell a home due to bankruptcy, debts, mortgage payment problems, hospital bills, educational financial needs, or other major expenses that they cannot avoid. Under these situations, there is no time to even research where to list the house for sale. Top listing agencies with which you have the best chances to sell the home quickly also ask for money. Additionally, you might need to spend more time taking photos and uploading them to your listings. You will finally discover that listing with one agency may not help.

It also takes time for a home to sell on these house listing platforms because of the high competition. Most individual buyers on these platforms will carefully compare houses and take time before they can decide which one suits their lifestyle. If there is a house appearing more valuable but going for the same price as yours, you might have to wait. This is why many homeowners are tempted into first renovating the house before they can list it on these platforms.

Due to this high competition, you might be forced to take a low price that comes your way. If not, you need to schedule and spend more time meeting and negotiating with one potential buyer after the other. Investors who buy houses for resale can provide quick cash to meet your emergencies while avoiding the hustles and inconveniences of listing your home.


The fastest way of selling a damaged house is selling it to investors who buy and resell it at a profit. This method is the fastest to sell a house because the investor can take the house in any condition. Most homeowners will require renovations before the new homeowner can settle in it. Since most people prefer turnkey homes or the so-called move-in ready homes, it is hard to sell your home directly to an individual buyer. However, investors who buy to resell houses are prepared to renovate the house. They will only need to assess that they can afford those renovations and buy them in the current condition.

Individual house buyers in most cases do not want to commit money to renovations. One reason for this is they do not know exactly what is to be renovated and how much it will cost. For this reason, most will ignore homes sold directly by individual sellers. This makes it harder to sell your house directly to an individual buyer.

On the contrary, an investor who invests in buying and selling houses has adequate money needed to renew the home and flip it. They can choose to increase the value of the house by adding more features or just doing basic renovations to make it more affordable to an individual buyer.

That said, investors who buy houses to flip can provide money to enable you to rent or buy another house in case yours is damaged to the extent that you do not want to live in it. Some people sell houses just because they prefer to buy better houses. That does not mean you have to delay your dreams. Other people need to relocate fast due to a job change, business matters, health concerns, education, or family matters. Investors who buy houses to resell them can quickly provide money for you to buy a house in a different location. You might also save some money to fund the relocation.


Sometimes you may get an individual interested in buying the house but who may ask you to do some renovations or changes before they can pay or move in. The agreement between both of you may be that the buyer will pay the full selling price after those renovations. Committing to do these renovations will only prolong the time before closing a sale on your home.

If you have never done a renovation before, you might wrongly estimate that it will be quick to do. Some delays might arise in searching for remodeling materials or remodelers, so be careful. It is necessary to contact a remodeler first before committing to doing these renovations. This is so for those who want to close a sale fast. A remodeler will advise on exactly the time certain renovations will take and you can immediately decide whether the buyer is worthy of your attention or not.

Major upgrades are costly yet you might not have money to do them. Never underestimate even the smallest of home repairs unless you have the opinion of a remodeler. If you agree to do the renovations before the buyer pays and you do not have money to renovate, then you might have to wait for longer before selling a house.

Getting a bank to fund the repairs only takes more time. Besides, these loans come with additional costs in interest. In some cases, the cost of the loans is higher than the amount you would have lost selling the house to a flipper or reseller investor.

The best alternative to selling your house is selling it to investors who buy houses to resell or flip later. You avoid doing the renovations yourself no matter the condition of your house. They can access the value of the house while considering the things needing repair or renovation. You can even agree with them to deduct the estimated cost of renovations from the house or home value as stated by third-party valuers. Then they can make the payment immediately.

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