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The Saint Joseph Prayer

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Selling a house can be a nerve-wracking experience if you don’t get the right kind of help. Some people use spirituality to get that extra advantage for getting their house sold. In recent decades, a tradition has grown around praying to Saint Joseph for his blessing in the selling process.


In Christian tradition Saint Joseph is regarded as the patron saint of workers. Additionally, Joseph has been declared the patron and protector of the church and regarded as a model for fathers.

With this background, many Christians around the world dedicate prayers and novenas to Saint Joseph for protection, harmonious marriages, and success in their vocations. In recent years, Saint Joseph has also been petitioned to help in selling a house. The Catholic Church does not officially sanction this practice, nor does the church discourage it.


With the association of Saint Joseph as the divine “Real Estate Agent,” prayers, novenas, and prayer kits have been developed to help in selling people’s property. Many believe that by praying to Saint Joseph and following the ritual, the process of selling your house will go smoothly and close in a short period of time. The reasoning is that through Saint Joseph’s influence, God will influence people in ways advantageous to the seller.

How does it work? The seller wishing to enlist the aid of Saint Joseph needs to obtain a Saint Joseph statue, pray the prayer, bury the statue, and follow the novenas over the prescribed number of days.

The Saint Joseph statue is usually 3 to 8 inches long. If you purchase a kit, it often comes with a box to use when burying the statue. The Saint Joseph prayer goes something like this:

O, Saint Joseph, hear my plea.
You taught our Lord the carpenter’s trade and you made sure he was always properly housed.
I ask your help now as you helped Jesus and as you have helped many others with housing.
I wish to sell this property and I am asking you to help it sell quickly, easily, and profitably.
I petition you to bring me a good buyer who is eager, compliant, and honest.
And I ask that you will intervene to allow nothing that would impede the rapid closing of the sale.
Dear Saint Joseph, know that my need is great, so I petition you to act speedily on my behalf.
Then, dear Saint Joseph, I vow before Almighty God that I will give you a place of honor in my new home as an expression of my gratitude. Amen.


With the recitation of the prayer, the statue of Saint Joseph is buried in the front lawn of the house. Typically, the statue is buried near the For Sale sign. The statue is buried about a foot beneath the sod either in a box or a plastic bag. The statue is placed in the ground face down and oriented toward the house being put up for sale.

Why is Saint Joseph buried face down? The thinking is that if Saint Joseph is put in an uncomfortable position, he will work harder to get the job of selling the house done swiftly. The sooner the house sells, the sooner he will be taken out of the ground and bring an end to his suffering.

Sometimes a manipulative part of the Saint Joseph prayer is added to the effect that the homeowner is putting the saint in darkness to impose suffering (in the same way that Jesus suffered) so that he will hurry to bring the sale of the house to a close. When the sale happens the seller is to show their gratitude by taking the statue out of the ground and placing it in a prominent place in their new home.


After praying the Saint Joseph prayer and burying the Saint Joseph statue in the ground, the homeowner is to pray a series of prayers called novenas over the next nine days. A novena is a ritual of worship and devotion to make petitions, seek favor, or obtain grace by honoring Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or one of the saints who are believed to bring about divine intervention. The novena prayers are to be recited at least once a day for nine days. The novena should be prayed at the same time every day, that is, the time you prayed the novena on the first day should also be the time you pray the others for the rest of the nine days.

Each novena has a different petition to God concerning the tasks needed to sell your house. The petitions are made as acts of worship and devotion seeking help to live in a way that pleases God. The novenas include petitions like asking help to accomplish the things needing to be done, the blessings of those tasks to be effective, trusting in God’s provision, safety, and the faith to live a godly life.


Here is the sequence to follow when seeking to sell your house while using the Saint Joseph prayer:

Step One: Obtain the Saint Joseph prayer kit or gather the materials yourself (a Saint Joseph statue, a copy of the prayer, and a copy of the novenas).

Step Two: Recite the Saint Joseph prayer.

Step Three: Bury the statue of Saint Joseph in the front lawn facing the house for sale (often buried face down).

Step Four: Recite the novenas over the next nine days.

Step Five: Get ready for the close on your house.


In addition to burying Saint Joseph’s statue and reciting the prayers, some recommend giving greater emphasis by using the colors and activities associated with Saint Joseph. Red is the color of Saint Joseph, so some recommend putting out red cloth or painting the For Sale signpost red. Others bake pastries made with red food coloring. It is also important to do your due diligence to taking care of the tasks of getting your house sold.

Does enlisting the help of Saint Joseph work? Stories vary of its effectiveness, but many swear by it. Others practice it without putting much stock in it, but thinking it can’t hurt. Even realtors have gotten into it by providing Saint Joseph prayer kits to their clients.

Need to sell your property? Consider enlisting the aid of Saint Joseph. Post your results online and let people know how it went.

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