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Sell My House Without Realtor

Selling house without realtor

When thinking about selling your house, the first thing that probably comes to mind is to search for a reliable realtor, right? But we have come to bring you another reality: there is no better realtor than yourself. It is time to revolutionize the real estate market, giving property owners and interested parties autonomy so that they can become protagonists in their own negotiation processes.

In this post, we give you steps to follow when you want to sell a house without a realtor. Read on!


One of the main fears, when you want to sell a house without a realtor, is to sell the property for less than it deserves due to haste. First of all, be aware that the process of selling a house is a long one and can sometimes take up to more than a year, even if you choose to work with a realtor.

To evaluate your property, you need to research and compare your property with similar ones to get a sense of the prices in the market. Remember that it is not only the physical structure that counts, but also its location.

You shouldn’t even think about going against the market price, unless you can have something fundamental and significant to be proud of your home when compared to the typical house for sale on the market. If you set your price too high, you will have a hard time finding buyers. However, this also does not require you to set your price too low, as it may lead to losses.


The documentation is what establishes the commitment between buyer and seller and gives legal value to the real estate transaction. Selling a house has its own bureaucracy, but believe it or not, only a few types of sales really need a professional to monitor the sale.

This also does not mean that you should advertise your property and start selling without being aware of the laws and documents that need to be checked. This is because it is a security issue for both sides. Start with a list of all the important documents and see the role and importance of each one in the negotiation.

In addition to saving up on the sale of your property that you would spend on brokerage fees, you gain autonomy in the process and the certainty that no one is “beating you up” in the process. This is because you are following everything closely. By taking note of the necessary documents, you can handle the process yourself


Digital marketing and online platforms for selling real estate are already used today to reach interested parties. This is because every purchase of property starts with a simple internet search. Use this to your advantage to attract buyers’ attention from the first contact with your property. Make quality photos, an attractive description, and promote polite and quality service.

You can take advantage of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others. You can also put up a notification board in front of your house.

In addition, you can also take advantage of the online property portal, which provides information on properties for sale. You can advertise your home or other types of property for free through such websites by simply uploading photos with a detailed description of the property. This will help the home-seekers understand what you have to offer and whether your property best suits their needs.


You need to make your home look so attractive to potential buyers. One simple way to achieve this is to prepare your home to be ready for use, for example, by painting walls or simply cleaning every corner of the room.

Many people believe that only realtors know how to sell a property properly. But who better to talk about the property than you, who lived there for so many years? Buyers are interested, in addition to the physical structure of the property itself, in the history of that house, on the families who lived there, and on their lifestyles.

Remember that the location of your property matters when selling. Therefore, reinforce positive aspects about the neighborhood, security, shops, supermarkets, and hospitals that may be close by, and everything else that you find relevant to favor the sale.

Again, here comes the question of knowing your audience and their needs. Priorities for young newlyweds are probably not the same as for an older couple with children. So try to emphasize what you think is most relevant to each. Talk about the physical structure of the property, but also about the lifestyle in that region


Thinking that you don’t know how to sell the property is very common. But for that, there are some tips that can help you. Think about ideal buyer profiles and your main needs. What does your property offer that can serve them? Focus on the main points of your property according to the buyer who is interested. The trick here is to understand that each buyer is different, so your approach must also adapt to each of them.

This moment is very important for you to know more about the current situation of the buyer. Knowing this, you can propose solutions that serve both sides and create a closer relationship with the buyer so that he believes in your sales pitch without feeling that he is being deceived. In the negotiation, reinforce how your property solves the buyer’s pain.

Also, if you show that you know the selling process, it gives the buyer more confidence that you can close a deal quickly and safely. Talking more about his intentions, you can get to know more about the stage of the buying journey he is on in a friendly way. With that, you know how to be punctual, from the beginning of the search until the close of the purchase itself.


We believe that you can and should have the power to sell your home. It is customary for brokers and real estate agents to work exclusively when selling their property. That is, to be the only ones allowed to advertise and sell, preventing you from using other sites, physical signs, and even word of mouth.

Avoid proposals like this so that you have an increasing range of options and can use every opportunity when trying to sell. That way, you maximize the possibilities and have chances to make the sale of your property faster.

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