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How to sell my house fast

Sell house fast

When starting the process to put your house or apartment up for sale, one thinks about questions such as: how long will it take for you to find the perfect buyer? How tedious will the process be? And how can you make your home stand out from the rest of the properties for sale in the area?

Below are tips or practices that you can carry out on how to sell my house fast.


The first thing to do is update the value of the property seeking professional advice in the area. This helps to determine its real value according to the house’s footage, location, and general conditions to set a sale price.

Market information should be sought regarding the value of similar properties in the same area to have them as a reference before setting the sale price.


It is crucial to have all the property documents up to date to channel the sale since if you find a buyer and do not have the necessary documents for the apartment, the process will be delayed, or the sale may even be lost.

Additionally, potential buyers may also request this documentation to obtain information on the status of the property.

The ownership document or deed registered in the public registry, community certificates, energy certificate, among others, must be available. Once you have all the documentation available, the sale process can now be carried out.


It is vital to carry out deep cleaning to prepare the house before being exhibited to potential buyers, particularly in the bathrooms and kitchen. The spaces must be ventilated, and resources such as air fresheners can be used so that the house smells great.

Order and organization cannot be lacking. You should remove useless items to give a positive, balanced, and more spacious image. To help us with this task, we can hire a specialized professional service or a cleaning company.


The exterior will always be what invites you to discover the interior of the property. If at first glance you feel that your house does not have that “spark,” improve its appearance to obtain a more significant number of interested parties.

Achieving a more interesting facade while taking care of your budget is easier than you imagine. You just need to renew the color of your walls. It is recommended to do it with exterior paints that also have waterproofing properties.

Go for the colors that give it more life, like yellow and mint, or use neutral colors for a more elegant and sophisticated finish.

Additionally, add some plants at the entrance to give it a more homely touch and frame that area. You will see that the natural colors, foliage, and texture will create an even more harmonious facade. You should also remember that you must look for suitable plants for the geographical area.


Depending on your apartment’s conditions, you can consider the remodeling option to reform its image, make it more attractive, and revalue its price.

Priority should be given to repairing aspects of the house that are in poor condition, for example, doors, windows, sockets, or floor. If there is a budget available, the remodeling of bathrooms and kitchen should be considered since they tend to be attractive spaces for potential buyers.

The trends towards open-concept spaces offer a feeling of spaciousness and the ability to visualize several environments at the same time, without partitions in between.


On the internet, there are various portals where you can publish for free with all the filters to position your home. Prepare an attractive advertisement with your property’s best photos highlighting the spaces the characteristics, all supported by good illumination.

The quality of the photo is paramount. You have to expose the description of the property’s details, such as size, spaces, location, services, nearby points, certifications, and house plans.

You should update the publications, monitor the ads of homes for sale. Providing more photographs to refresh the ad and keep it among the first on the portals can be a good strategy.

You must also be attentive and willing to answer all calls as well as answer all questions and concerns that may be made through the portals.

To set the time of the visit to the property for its demonstration, it is advisable to set a time to make the most of the sunlight that benefits natural lighting and makes the property’s image stand out.

For the management of the visit, all the property documentation must be available for the client if requested and all the information that may be required.

It must be organized to present the spaces, and as a preamble, favorable aspects of the location and the area where it is located should be highlighted.


You must be a bit flexible and have the ability to negotiate if necessary since the price can go up or down according to the demand or interest shown towards your property.

You should also know what type of procedures will be necessary after closing the sale and what documents to request from our buyer.


Practice an excellent presentation for all potential buyers in which you demonstrate the advantages that your property has. As a homeowner, think about what advantages you found in the property and use them as a starting point.

Look for your home’s strengths, perhaps related to the layout of the spaces, the city’s location, the services and amenities that are nearby, to name a few.

On the other hand, you can also use a technique called “home staging, “which consists of furnishing and decorating the house so that your buyers can easily imagine living there and achieve a better perception of the spaces.


Being able to sell a house is not something as simple as many may believe. It is an art. When selling a house, one must consider the above essential aspects to achieve the sale successfully.

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