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How To Buy a House and Skip the Realtor

How To Sell A House Without A Real Estate AgentSave money on your next house by skipping a Realtor! Before you start, there are a few things you should know. Here are some tips on buying a house and skipping Realtor commissions!

Work Directly With The Seller

A great way to save money when buying a house in California is to work directly with a seller to purchase their home. At We Buy California Houses for Cash, we can help you buy a house without using a real estate agent, so you can keep all the money you would have spent on commission and repairs.

Narrow Your Search

Before you begin searching for the right home or investment property, define what you are looking for. Set your criteria, and stick to it. Avoid wasting time analyzing houses that don’t precisely fit your buying criteria. This will keep you from wasting time and, even worse, money. Determine which area(s) you are interested in, house size, lot size, budget, condition, features, etc. It is ok to be flexible, but define the areas where you are firm first and then work your way backward to determine the optional items that make the most sense for your long-term happiness and/or profit. Remember that your personal opinion is secondary to what makes sense on paper for investments.

Secure Financing

Before you start acquiring a property, you will want to have some financing in place. This will help you jump on the right deal and not miss any. Usually, cash buyers either use private money or hard money to purchase. It allows them to close fast. Of course, cash buyers also use cash but not as often as you may think. Once a home is repaired, it will qualify for traditional financing, and sometimes a buyer can even get some money at the end, such as the BRRR strategy. You can go straight to the traditional lender if you have more time. Just plan as it will take up to 60 days for their loan to get underwritten. Many sellers also require proof of funds, so don’t waste anyone’s time by making an offer you cannot follow through with.

Monitor The Market

When searching for the right property without using an agent, you’ll need to do a lot of the work the agent would have done for you. This means always knowing what is available, how the market is performing, who discounts their homes, and when. You’ll want to know how the market is behaving and have a good idea of what to expect next. Our team is always here to provide market insight and help you analyze properties you are thinking about purchasing. It all comes down to doing your research when trying to buy a house without a real estate agent in California.

Get Notified

When you work with us, we will notify you when a property is available that fits your criteria. You’ll never have to worry about missing out on a house or property that would have been right for you but was unfortunately sold to someone else. Just tell us what you are looking for, where and at what price. Also, include if you do major rehabs or cosmetic flips only. Usually, larger rehabs have less competition. As soon as your right property comes up, we will alert you.

View The Homes You Are Interested In

Once we identify a property you may want, we will reach out to schedule a walk-through. When you walk the property, you will determine a repair cost. You can bring your contractor with you if you would like. Also, enjoy the peace of mind knowing the title is clear, and you aren’t working with a team who will buy and sell just any property. We know what our buyers are willing to pay and try our best to only reach out to you if we are confident that a property has a good chance of going your way. We want you to make money, so you buy from us repeatedly. We’re completely transparent, so you will know exactly what you are getting with every home purchased. Be sure to look at a few options before making a purchase. This will help give you some perspective as to what’s available.

In Conclusion

Once you’ve found the right house, it’s time to make an offer and close the deal! When handling things on your own, it’s a smart idea to have a lawyer look over your contract to make sure everything looks good. If you purchase with California Houses for Cash, we will ensure the closing moves along quickly and easily. Before you know it, you could be the proud owner of an investment property in the California area!

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