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Charm state of CA real estate

Sell home in California in 2021

Let me give you a weather update on whether it’s the best time to invest for a property or not especially the pandemic happening around. But first, let us consider the factors that affect real estate market in 2021. Recent records shows that we have hit the all-time lowest level in the number of homes currently listed for sale in the market. This was taken in 2020 and this has been the lowest level ever recorded back nearly 40 years. We typically calculate this by what we call the “Month’s Supply of Inventory.” What has this got to do with anything? A lot. This shows the sales volume of the number of homes currently available on the market and how long it would it take for all of those home to be bought up. A few things to consider maybe is that nowadays, people prefer to live in the suburbs than in the city. If you’ve seen the news then you are well aware of how nearly third of Americans are fleeing cities for cheaper costs of living and bigger living space. Especially with the new normal of working from home and online classes. Most of us are too cautious about living in high-density areas with so many people nearby and the risk that goes with it. People are buying homes in the suburbs now that Feds reduce their federal funds rate all the way down to nearly zero percent.

So if you are one of those who are looking closely at the market, you may notice that there isn’t much in there anymore because of the home-buying frenzy. What’s the biggest reason behind this? Three words: Low Interest Rates. To help the economy recover from the recession, the Feds has cut the interest rates as low as they are going to go. This is to help millions of Americans severely cash-strapped and out of work.

This is good news!

When rates are down, homebuyers can afford more. With today’s rates, people can afford $60,000 to $70,000 more and will pay the same monthly rate as if they bought a cheaper home. Home buying demand has increased so much to a brand record high. One of the survey shows that most of the buyers felt like it was the best time to buy because of how insanely low mortgage interest rates are.

Not quite satisfied without the numbers?

For an example, take a mortgage of $300,00 at 3.7 % and it would cost you 1381 dollars a month with $925 per month going to interest but at 2.75% interest. That loan will now only be going to cost you 1216 dollars a month with only 675 dollars a month going towards interest. In simpler terms, the difference between 2.7% and 3.7% on a mortgage of $300,000 is that you get to keep extra $250 every single month. Sweet, isn’t it?

Right now, lack of inventory is also a big issue. Sellers should take advantage of this and sell their property while the demand is still skyrocketing.

You might be wondering that maybe everything is just sitting on a bubble.

Hold our charts!

Economist believe that next year is going to be the same with real estate prices.

Federal Reserve has said that themselves that they will leave interest rates unchanged and will remain the same until at least 2023. So this just goes to say that we’re unlikely to see much of a change anytime soon.

While everything may speak of opportunity in red capital letters, we would also need to consider other economists’ perspectives. An American economist, Michael R. Strain warns about the wave of foreclosures that may follow housing market boom.

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