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Best Real Estate Investments That Make Money

It is important for a real estate investor to diversify their portfolio. It protects your assets from market fluctuations as much as possible. It also lets you avail new and evolving strategies. This could end up leading to more abundant financial success. Always keep an open mind and evaluate the numbers. Learn more about some of the best real estate investments available in California!

Vacation Rentals

The vacation rental industry is huge. Websites such as Air BnB and VRBO allow owners to provide daily and weekly rentals to vacationers and others. Travelers these days have more options than ever. It is a nice way to travel, when you can avoid hotels and stay in a home instead with the benefits of privacy, a full kitchen and other amenities. Most rentals can cover the mortgage payment the first week every month, leaving the rest of the month as pure profit.

Mobile Homes

The mobile home market can be very profitable. With the lower cost of homes, it is a niche most anyone can get into. You have to be conscious of different kinds of repairs, as well as new expenses such as lot rent, but all and all, it can be a great niche for California investors!

Mobile Home Parks

Instead of investing in mobile homes, some investors choose to invest in the entire park. Collecting lot rent from several tenants each month will easily generate substantial profits with very little overhead. There are things to maintain such as landscaping and common areas, but overall, the amount of work needed to be done is very low. You will need to have great liability insurance in place to help you avoid any lawsuits that arise from people being injured on your property.


Land is often overlooked as it doesn’t have the same appeal or excitement as that of a property with an actual structure. It can seem boring and not profitable, however, this is exactly how you can cash in. Seeing as there is less interest in land, you can buy a lot for an excellent price and hold until there is more demand for it. Depending on the location and zoning, you may also be able to lease the land out. You could use it as parking for special events or even hunting land if the parcel is big enough.


Agricultural land can be an excellent investment for the right person. You can see profits both on the appreciation of the land as well as a percentage of the profits from what is being farmed. Many farmers rent land, so buying near other farms is a big plus. Also, if you choose to sell, you will have likely buyers located nearby,

Distressed Properties

Distressed properties are owned by people who can no longer take care of them. Whether they can no longer afford the mortgage or the property needs work, distressed properties can lead to big profits. California Houses for Cash works with distressed sellers all of the time, creating win-win situations that will benefit them, us and you as well! We pay great prices to people who need to sell quickly. We make the process convenient for them which in turn allows us to purchase the property below retail. They save on commissions and fees, and we save on the overall price. In turn, we resell these properties to fellow investors at excellent prices.

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