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6 Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling California House

Selling a California House

When selling a California house to a realtor, several things to consider. This article explores vital queries.

House selling is a transaction that people undertake in their lifetime. Realtors are those people who act as an agent to sell or purchase homes, buildings, and plots, etc.

House owners or landowners go to the real estate agents to sell their houses because they think that all agents are the same and need only a couple of weeks to sell their houses. But that’s not true; every agent has the abilities or qualities to sell a home.

You must ask a few questions to an agent to select a realtor to sell your house.

But what are those queries?

Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling a California House

Here are some questions to ask a realtor when selling a California house.

1. How Many Experiences Of Selling Do You Have?

The landowner should ask the realtor about his experience in the selling market. Ask some other questions about his involvement, like if he sold the house in your neighborhood? From how much time did he work as an agent? Does he do this job part-time or full-time? How many homes did he sell during his work? Etc.

Collect some basic information regarding his experience and compare it with other realtors interviewed. It is a convenient way to find a good realtor.

2. How Can We Communicate?

The communication with agents varies from realtor to realtor; few landowners want to communicate with their agent via email, others want to Connect via face-to-face meeting, some want to connect via phone call & some wish to connect via massaging.

The agent must have the flexibility to choose that mode of communication to communicate which one you prefer.

When you go to sell, it is a embark journey; all journeys are not smooth or easy; that’s why you should ask the realtor how you communicate with him during the sale process. You should select the agent who will conveniently communicate in all situations. The realtor must commit how he will communicate with you.

3. What Is The Right Time To Sell My House?

What is the right time to sell the house? The landowner most frequently asked the realtor in a different area is suitable for selling a home.

For example: in California, the 5th and 6th months are the right time to sell a house, the 1st month is the worst time to sell the house.

The sixth month is the right time to sell a house based on price. The prices of homes become $21,000 extraordinary in June then annual average. 5th month is the right time to sell the property based on speed; the home will be sold for eight days minus the annual average.

That is the reason the right selling time is changing location to location or state to state. Talk with your agent to find the right time for the sale of your house.

4. Can I Make Some Changes To My House Before Selling?

Before selling their houses, many landowners made mistakes; they started spending more money or time on their homes for renovation. Spend fewer amounts on renovation spend only on those things that return your spending.

After showing your house to your agent, you should ask about the changes to your home.

He told you how you make your house attractive for buyers to get good deals?

If you want to sell your home rapidly, you should follow your agent’s instructions to renovate your home.

A realtor is a person who knows what changes you should make to make your house more eyes appealing to investors. Paint your home if needed, flooring, and make changes in the bathroom and kitchen.

The experienced realtor will decide proximately which changes are required. And give you a list of which changes will require after visiting your house.

  • Keep your house clean.
  • Remove curtains to get natural sunlight in the house
  • Turn on lights to increase the lights in the house which make your home attractive etc. 

5. How Much Do You Charge To Sell My House?

After asking this question, you come to know about the agent’s commission. You could compare with other agents you interviewed, choose the agent who comparatively charges less. The agent commission lies between 1% to 6% in California.

For example, if a commission is a 7% charge, this realtor and some other agent said he would charge 4 or 5%, then you chose an agent who charges less. The commission is always negotiable.

It depends on the agent which services he will provide you in less commission. Maybe it cut some services due to giving you discounts in a commission like holding an open house and social media advertising strategy. Different retailer commissions are paid or charged; the average realtor commission is 4.92%.

6. How Much Time Will Require To Sell a California House?

In California, the average time required to sell a house in 77 days, in which 42 days will be required to get a good offer for the house, 35 days will require for closing the house. Some other factors also affect timings.

These factors are as follows:

  • Location of house
  • Market situation
  • The house itself and many others.

It is also a number ratio that you compare with other realtors. This question helps you find an agent who sold your house in fewer days. The number of days will start when the agent listed your house for selling in the market and you accept any offer. It gave you a rough idea of how many days will require to sell your home.

If an agent requires more days to sell your home, it means the agent overvalue listing.

On the other hand, if the agent said; he will sell your house lower than the average number, he cheapens his listing.

To Wrap Up

You should always ask questions to the realtor to select an experienced and well-known realtor who will sell your house at a good price.

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